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Are you still fighting the Algorithm?

Creating content people love and share consistently is extremely challenging.
Getting people to discover and watch your content (organically) is almost impossible.

Successful Digital Platforms, Brands, and Influencers use a mix of Paid Advertising and Organic Reach to grow their Community and turn followers into loyal customers.

The best way to grow your Influence and generate wealth consistently is by turning your advertising into profit.


"This is the best thing we did in the last 125-years"...

Joep Blox, Vegetariersbond

Are you still fighting the Algorithm?

Creating content people love consistently is extremely challenging.
Getting people to discover your content organically is almost impossible.

    Find Clarity and Get Focussed about what's most important for your happiness
    Understand the Business Side of Social Media so you can make better decisions
    Clarify your Message and build Deeper Connections with your Audience
    Build a system that guides your customers from discovery to super-fan on autopilot
    Learn to understand and use your Data to grow your business
    Manage your Community, Business, and Life like a PRO using Technology

For the Digital Entrepreneur

Learn how to build your Niche Brand Online and run a Community-Driven Business

Digital Education

Learn how to take advantage of Digital Technology to build your Brand on Social Media

Strategy & Accountability

Build Strategies that you can execute and set effective goals together with a personal coach

Skill Building

Learn how to use technology and push your creative imagination. Everything is possible if you've got the skills


"Within a few months I already made a complete life change and now feel more confident and self-aware than ever before."

Koen Vaessen, Personal Trainer (Muscle & Mind)


"Randy raised the bar for me so that I could gain more clarity about my business and overcome insecurities which were holding me back."

Eduard Dumee, Burn-out Coach (Rotcoach)

Academy Programs

From Seeker to Philanthropist, we've got you covered

  • Start-Up

    €50 / Month

    Find your Niche Online and Start your Business

  • Business

    €300 / Month

    Grow your Community and Scale your Business

  • Leadership


    Personal Coaching to help you realize your full potential

The Digital Era

The world has transformed into a technology driven, goal oriented society that has a hard time keeping up with the speed of innovation.
So how do you get people to care about your mission, product, or service? 
Using today's technology, we can implement new idea's faster and cheaper than ever before. To do that, we need new skills, get experience, and learn what works and what doesn't. 
Our mission is to provide FREE education to any digital entrepreneur that want's to make a difference in the world. 
Our businesses is guiding you through that knowledge and helping you master the fundamental skills & mindset so that you can design your own path to success and joy in the digital era.

How we work

We help you set effective goals, build sustainable habits, and learn new skills so that you can realize your vision

  • Self-Awareness

    Where do you exactly want to go?

  • Vision & Strategy

    How will you get there?

  • Commit

    Is this something you really want?

  • Execute

    Don't Stop

Are You Ready to...

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    Slow Down and Reach Your goals? 🎯 
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    Build a Business you Love? 💗 
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    Build a strong foundation for success? 🥇 
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    Sell without selling? 💰 
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    Learn how to work with technology? 📱 
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    Have your Business fit in a Backpack? 🎒 

Your Digital Coach


The 'Young Human' has been founded by Randy Hereman to help Vegan Leaders build Profitable Online Businesses that support and grow the Vegan Movement.
After a successful career as a World Class Athlete and Poker Player, he knows what it takes to reach the top, deal with fear, failure and overcome objections.
After going Vegan in 2016, he quit his poker career and decided to change his life and seek a more purposeful and fulfilling lifestyle.
After running a Digital Marketing and Brand Design Consultancy, helping businesses, associations, and Entrepreneurs to grow and reinvent themselves, the digital way, he now launches the Young Human Academy and Club to help Vegan Leaders realize their Vision.


"Working with Randy brought a spark of Joy into our organisation and his eye for detail is impressive."

Floris de Graad, CEO Vegetariërsbond

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We promise to help you reach your goals online & offline

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Latest Work

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    Lekker Vega

    Client Work

    Case-study coming soon (check out the show here)

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    Going Viral without a Budget

    Client Work

    Case-study Coming Soon

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    How to create a Vegan World

    Young Human Events

    A digital summit by Vegan Leaders for Vegan Leaders (Launching in September '19)


  • What will we talk about on our FREE call?

    We will talk about your goals and ambitions. We will talk about what's holding you back, and we'll give you new insights and options to get back on track and align your bigger goals with your daily actions. If there is time left, we answer all your questions. The better you prepare yourself, the more you can get out of our call. That's why we will send you some homework 3 day's before the call.
  • What is a 'Young Human'?

    We are the next generation of Human Beings. When we are awake, we spend most of our attention online. We are the Smart Phone Generation and we never learned how to deal with a World that has everything available to you at the touch of a button wherever you are. The world is changing rapidly and honestly, people are controlled by their smartphone. Young Humans learn how to use technology to help them reach their goals and build businesses that change the world.
  • Why?

    Our planet is dying, animals are suffering, and society has lost connection with nature. Meanwhile, technology is eating up the world and rapidly changing the way we live our lives and focus our attention.

    Because technology is moving so fast, we believe this is the biggest opportunity to spread a social message, raise awareness, and challenge ourselves to re-invent the way things are done.

    Through telling truthful storytelling we can communicate a clear message.

    When people learn about the things they didn't know and find an alternative that matches their worldview, they'll buy it!!!

    This way, we can help consumers become conscious and make better choices.

    And that's good for people, planet, and animals.
  • Is it true that you provide FREE education for digital entrepreneurs?

    Yes we do!We don't believe education should be charged for in a world where you can share your knowledge for FREE. It's not what people know, but what people do. We build our business around helping people taking action and doing more of the things that make an impact in their life and business. That's why we share our knowledge, strategies, and tactics for free inside of our Quarterly BLOG Article 'Growth Strategy' and our YouTube 'Business Report' video's.
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