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"Within a few months, I already made a complete life change and now feel more confident and self-aware than ever before."

Koen Vaessen, Personal Trainer (Muscle & Mind)


"They raised the bar for me so that I could gain more clarity about my business and overcome insecurities, which were holding me back."

Eduard Dumee, Burn-out Coach (Rotcoach)

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Our planet is dying, animals are suffering, and people lost their connection with nature. Meanwhile, technology is eating up the world and taking over our lives.
Because technology is moving so fast, we believe this is the most significant opportunity to spread a social message and challenge ourselves to re-invent the way things are done.
We are a CLUB for Change-Makers that want to make a difference in the world and build Digital Platforms to inspire and transform the lives of our communities and customers.
In our CLUB you'll not only build meaningful relationships but also stay up to date with new technology and we show you how it can help you reach your goals. 
We help you Build a Community Driven Brand on Social Media so that you can turn your Purpose into Profit.
We believe that together we can let compassion go mainstream.
And that's good for people, planet, and animals.

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Meet people just like you

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Share stories, experiences, and ideas-not necessarily advice-


Get answers to questions you can’t just Google


Learn faster and make better decisions

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Let's make compassion mainstream!

Meet the Founder

The 'Young Human Club' has been founded by Randy Hereman to help Vegan Leaders connect, collaborate, and build Profitable Online Businesses that support and grow the Vegan Movement.


After a successful career as a World Class Athlete and Poker Player, Randy knows what it takes to reach the top, deal with fear, failure, and overcome objections.
After going Vegan in 2016, he quit his poker career and decided to change his life to seek a more purposeful and fulfilling lifestyle.
In the past three years, he launched multiple YouTube Platforms and helped Vegan Businesses and Organizations to become relevant online and build engaging communities.
Today, He's an Entrepreneurial coach and a Digital Consultant for Vegan Leaders to grow their Revenue and built their Brand Online using Social Media, Cloud Technology, and Up-To-Date-Strategies to help them succeed in Today's World.
And now, the Young Human Club; To Help Vegan Leaders Build Strong Relationships and Collaborate Together Online.


"Working with Randy brought a spark of Joy into our Organization, and his eye for detail is impressive"

Floris de Graad, CEO Vegetariërsbond

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Young Human Principles

The way we work and make decisions are based on a set of fundamental principles we strive for

  • Compassion First

    People come from all kind of backgrounds and have grown up to believe different things based on their own experience of life. We can't communicate effectively if we judge and we can't help our movement grow if we don't put our own ego on the sideline and lead from our hearts.
    We define Veganism as doing the least amount of harm possible, when possible.
    Based on our research and real-life experience, we discovered that almost every human being on earth agrees with these principles but never considered any alternative options. That's why we believe educational content is key to raising awareness, but it's only useful if we apply Compassion First.
  • Purpose over Profit

    Profit should never be the end-goal of an organization because it will always lead to short-term decision making optimized for financial results instead of Social Impact.
    Profit is the energy we use to fuel our purpose.It's fantastic to see Profit-Driven businesses turn to Veganism. However, it comes at the cost of the early-adaptors who are passionate about their Purpose but simply can't compete against these giants and their massive budgets.
    What Purpose-Driven Businesses need is a way to share their story and purpose to the every day consumer and lean into their Purpose as a tool to market and sell.
  • Collaboration over Competition

    Because we share a bigger goal than profit, we don't compete but collaborate as much as we can.
    Even if we do the exact same thing, with over 3 Billion People in the Digital Market and the demand for Eco+ and Ethical products growing every single day, we only benefit from working together instead of taking each other down.
    Besides, our own unique characteristics are built into our product and brand so that we attract the right people for our business no matter what.
    Also, working together is more fun and gets more significant results quicker, anytime!
  • Clouds & Dirt

    You can't give advice when you have no experience.

    To be the leader of a team, an organization, or your own community. You need to be in the dirt, doing the work yourself so that you can understand the nuances about your expertise. This will help you navigate better and know what to expect from your team and provide support when they need it.

    At the same time, you need to be up there, high in the clouds, looking at the bigger picture, planning ahead, and developing the strategy to get you from point A to B.
  • 51/49

    Business is about the transaction of Value.
    A consumer only spends what's valuable to him (his salary) on something worth more to him than the value it costs. If we are committed to giving more than we ask, we will always win.
  • TORO: Test, Observe, Reflect, Optimize

    Failure is the secret to success if you manage to use that information (data) to reflect and optimize so that you can go out and try again. 
    Our TORO principle is designed to help you fail smarter and systemically use these lessons to grow your business and reach your goals one step at a time.
    Test: Let the chips fall where they may andObserve: What's happening? What works and what doesn't work?Reflect: Why is this happening and how can we improve this?Optimize: Make adjustments and try again
Collaborate Together
Love the Process
A Network for Change-Makers

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